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mini-VSAT Broadband 2.0 Introduction

As broadband use at sea continues to skyrocket, KVH has launched mini-VSAT Broadband 2.0, the most complete maritime communications solution that delivers the greatest business value — and all available from a single global partner. With mini-VSAT Broadband 2.0, ship owners and operators get: high-speed affordable global connectivity, control over each vessel's bandwidth usage, affordable content delivery, and much more.

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Critical Infrastructure Protection

ViaSat's cybersecurity control system defends against attacks to utility energy delivery systems and smart grids, addressing both internal and external threats to the operations network. Real-time monitoring uses distributed cyber sensors throughout the network to detect anomalies and quarantine compromised areas. Secure Situational Intelligence with actionable information leads to better reliability and resiliency of utility delivery systems.

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Worldwide Broadband Satellite for Government Airborne Missions

Mobile broadband communications are transforming the types of missions performed in the sky. With worldwide satellite coverage and a full range of airborne antennas and modems, it's no wonder over 300 government aircraft rely on ViaSat for secure, reliable, high-speed satcom.

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C-COM Satellite Systems Inc.

The iNetVu® family of products provides leading edge controller and antenna technology for mobile, COMM-On-The-Pause applications worldwide.

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Exede Satellite Internet

What is Exede Satellite Internet? Find out for yourself! Watch a demo of the new Exede high speed internet service.

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Connecting Warfighters

Networking communications across the battlespace expands the reach of the enterprise so warfighters can share and access information from any location. Collect ISR information in different parts of the world, send it to command and contol centers for review, then send it back across the network for action -- in real-time -- enabling a successful mission.

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ViaSat Inc Overview - 2011

This is an introduction to ViaSat Inc. Includes our new transformational satellite system, a demo of the new level of service coming via our WildBlue Internet service, and a brief look at all that ViaSat does, including global mobile satellite network services, airborne ISR, information security, tactical data links, satellite antenna systems, and other advanced network technologies.

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Base Station Antennas

An overview of the base station antennas from MTI Wireless Edge. All antennas are in stock and available for free immediate shipping. No lead time and most competitive prices online anywhere.