Compact Network Operating Center

RN-CP-NOC, Runcom Compact NOC is a cost effective system that provides a full network solution within one box for wireless cells. It is based on Runcom distributed ASN service gateway hardware and provides a feature rich, cost effective and modular solution speci?cally for small 4G wireless networks.

The Compact NOC includes ASN gateway functionality, IP allocation service, CPE authentication capabilities and 4G service con?guration to allow full network operation without additional NOC entities (servers). The solution approach is unique in keeping the wireless RAN as standard as possible to allow future growth to large network deployment. It capable of supporting wide choice of alternative cells, and includes a unique set of superior operational and service capabilities. A special focus has been made to build a ?exible yet simple network architecture, to minimize operational costs and simplify the deployment of a new 4G networks in a short period of time. Runcom’s solution, while working with any standard WiMAX equipment, adds the layers of the wide area network services and operation to provide a complete end-to end solution.

Runcom Compact NOC is capable of terminating simultaneously several wireless clusters. It terminates the network interfaces from the 4G base stations via the standard interfaces and can acts as access controller for other wireless network. For all connected networks it handles service, routing and mobility. The solution provides a unique and cost effective provisioning with user interactive communications through existing portals. It manages users sessions with dynamic service pro?les implemented on an individual user basis and includes a wide service portfolio to be offered by the wireless operators to their subscribers.

Basic Features

Scalability: Supports “pay as you grow” concept, which enables growth from 100 to 2K subscribers in the stand alone architecture

Smooth migration to large network: Deployment can start as stand alone and smoothly upgraded to full standard 4G wireless network deployment

Authentication: Includes internal authentication mechanism for CPE and users. It supports as well the standard authentication methods to allow smooth migration to large standard 4G network

Internal service: Includes internal service con?guration module that enables to de?ne various service (plans)

DHCP: Includes internal DHCP capability to allocate IP address to CPE and users behind it

ACL assignment: Enable to enforce network-based access lists on individual end-user traf?c

Advanced Features

In additional to the supported 4G standards Runcom Compact NOC includes a set of advanced features as describe bellow:

WiMAX 16D cluster support: Enables service for existing WiMAX 16d networks

Multi users behind CPE: Support the Multi Users Behind CPE approach, where several users may be located behind one CPE. The Compact NOC handles each user separately including authentication and servicing

Self provisioning: Enable subscribers to change their service “on the ?y” using standard WEB interface from any portal

Walled garden: Enable to de?ne “Walled” environments, using dynamic access lists, which can be dynamically changed by the end-user or by the network administrator

Dynamic bandwidth control: Enable controlling the available bandwidth for each subscriber and allow dynamic change of the bandwidth according to the user’s demands

Application awareness: Enable wireless operators to differentiate the service pro?les based on the applications that are used by each user at a certain point in time (such as p2p, video, voice and etc)


Application: Fixed and Mobile
Supported wireless network: WiMAX 16e, WiMAX 16d, WiFi, 3G
Standard compliance: WiMAX forum open R6, R4 interfaces
Order information: RN-CP-NOC-01

Authentication & IP allocation

Authentication: Internal CPE authentication, NULL authentication, EAP-XXX (using external AAA system), Key context cashing, MAC/IP authentication, WEB authentication, user behind CPE authentication, User/Device level authentication, AAA proxy

IP allocation: Internal DHCP, DHCP relay, Fixed IP, IP pool Accounting: Start, stop and interim, accurate time based accounting, service ?ow statistics (when using external AAA system)

Pre-paid: Simultaneously data, time and application quota

Con?guration & performance

BS capacity: Up to 500 BS

Subscribers: Starts with 100 and upgradeable to 2,000

Active bidirectional service ?ows: Up to 80,000

Throughput: Up to 1 Gpbs


• 802.1q VLANs, QinQ • Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE), IPinIP, L2tp • RIP, OSPFv2, Multicast, source based routing, application based routing, MMS adjustment • VRRP, AAA redundancy, DHCP redundancy • Dynamic Packet coloring (upstream/downstream)

Enhanced applications

• Multi wireless clusters support • Multi users behind CPE support • Dynamic bandwidth control • Self provisioning • Dynamic IP changing • SMTP throttling • EDS query • Automatic network mapping


• 1U chassis: 1U (h) x 19” (w) Rack mounted, 90 to 264V AC Auto-ranging, Host up to 2 ASN blades

ASN blade
• Ethernet: 1 x copper 1000BaseT Ethernet
• Optional: Additional 2 x copper 1000BaseT Ethernet or 2 x optic 1000 Ethernet
• Serial: 1 x Serial RS-232 ports RJ-45 Front-IO

Operation & Management

• Telnet • SNMP • Remote software download • Advanced security management


Ambient temperature: 0° to 40°C
Storage temperature: -40° to 85°C
Humidity: 95%
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