TW-225 CheetahNet Mini

Scalable Tactical MANET Communications

The TW-225 is a compact version of the TW-220 CheetahNet radio. The TW-225 retains the same robust waveform and software capbilites as it’s larger cousin and adds support for a more extensive range of TrellisWare accessories. Designed to handle communication in even the most challenging RF environments, our unique tactical mobile ad hoc networking (MANET) product enables rapid deployment of networks across the harshest conditions. Incorporating the world’s first smash-layer layer PHY/MAC solution designed for large-scale Voice/IP Data/ PLI network, our TW-series products outperform the competition in even the harshest conditions.

At the heart of the TW-series of products is TrellisWare’s high performance Tactical Scalable MANET (TSM) waveform. The TSM waveform solves two big shortcomings all wideband MANET networks face: (1) it successfully maintains connectivity in the harshest RF environments and (2) it supports large network scaling.

The TSM waveform is built on a set of Physical Layer (PHY) processing techniques that harness multipath energy as part of its receive processing. The result is superior performance in multipath fading and RF interference conditions where most other waveforms fail. Whether in high multipath, high dynamics, or large scale networks, the TSM waveform operates virtually anywhere - caves, tunnels, ships, urban and other disadvantaged locations. TSM also employs a highly scalable Barrage Relay Networking (BRN) approach capable of supporting virtually any size network: 2 units, 20 units, 200 units or more.

The CheetahNet Mini hardware and user interfaces represent the smallest form factor in the industry for a high performance MANET radio and are both extremely simple to operate as well as highly customizable. The wideband network forms automatically without the operator doing a thing and offers a host of remote control and data extraction tools via a standard commercial browser. CheetahNet Mini combines PTT voice, IP data and position location tracking in the smallest, most versatile hardware available on the market.

TW-225 Key Features

• Simultaneous voice, IP data and PLI
• Up to 8 PTT voice, up to 1.3 Mbps IP data
• Completely self-configuring network
• No fixed infrastructure
• More units = more robust coverage
• Net entry time < 1sec
• Transparent Layer 2 transport supports any Layer 3 protocol
• Low latency networking up to hundreds of users
• Small, versatile handheld hardware
• Connect via Ethernet, USB or Bluetooth
• MILSTD 810-F, 2 meter immersion


Establish voice/data/video network in almost any environment:
• In-ship communications
• Mine coverage
• Networked urban
• Fleet monitoring in downtown areas
• Sensor network
• Networked utility monitoring
• Robotics (air and ground) comms

TW-225 Performance Parameters

Operating Frequencies 1410-1460 MHz
1775M-1815 MHz
Frequency Bandwidth 4 MHz to 20 MHz
Network Coverage • Entire ship or building complex
• Large campuses to entire cities
• Static to highly mobile units
Transmit Power 2 Watt Peak
Supported Applications Simultaneous PTT voice, streaming IP video, IP data, PLI
Data Handling IPv6 or IPv4 data
Data Rate Up to 1.3 Mbps
MANET Relay Hops Up to 8 hops
Latency IP data 240 ms
PTT Voice Up to 8 channels
Data Interfaces Ethernet (RJ-45), USB mini A/B, Bluetooth
Encryption AES-256 on every channel
Waveform Tactical Scalable MANET (TSM)
Size (w/o Accessories) 4” x 2.5” x 0.9”
Weight (w/o Accessories) 10 oz
Power In/Out External power supply, 6-18V DC
Environmental MILSTD 810-F, 2 Meter Immersion
Battery Life (5800mAH) 14 Hours

Compatible Accessories

• TW-1212 Ethernet Pigtail Dongle (Series 2)
• TW-1200 USB Pigtail Dongle
• TW-1222 Ethernet/USB Combo Dongle (Series 2)
• TW-1240 Bluetooth USB Dongle
• TW-1400 DC Power Adapter
• TW-1402 MBITR Battery Adapter
• TW-1450 Rechargeable Battery
• TW-1410-LEMO-to-2.5mm Adapter Cable
• TW-1415-LEMO-to-6 pin Adapter Cable
• TW-1425-LEMO-to-10 pin Adapter Cable

About Trellisware

TrellisWare Technologies, Inc. is a privately held communications IP and products company headquartered in San Diego. TrellisWare focuses on cultivating solutions for ground communications problems. Self-funded since its inception, TrellisWare has built a reputation as a leader in advanced communication algorithms, waveforms and turnkey communication systems that work when nothing else does.

TrellisWare has developed a wide range of highly-advanced signal processing and software defined radio (SDR) waveforms and hardware products used in many military and commercial communications. With deep expertise in radio physical layer design, networking, efficient high speed decoding, algorithm development and RF integration, TrellisWare utilizes its CommCoreTM and ComSim™ development tools to enable communications in the harshest RF environments.

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